All CADR staff members who contribute substantially to a manuscript are expected to qualify for authorship with the following guidelines in mind:

  • An author is generally considered to be an individual who has made substantial intellectual contributions to a scientific investigation. All authors should meet the following three criteria, and all those who meet the criteria should be authors:
    • Scholarship: Contribute significantly to the conception, design, execution, and/or analysis and interpretation of data.
    • Authorship: Participate in drafting, reviewing, and/or revising the manuscript for intellectual content.
    • Approval: Approve the manuscript to be published.

Authorship should not be dictated strictly by the time spent on a project; the quality of time and nature of the contribution are relevant. Given the above justifications, it is expected that CADR staff be considered for authorship as appropriate.

For more information, see the Washington University policy on authorship.