From employers

Healthcare claims data can be obtained from employers that provide health insurance. MarketScan data are an example of this type of information.

IBM® MarketScan® Databases

The IBM® MarketScan® Research Databases contain individual-level, de-identified, healthcare claims information from employers, health plans, hospitals, and Medicare and Medicaid programs. Since their creation in the early 1990s, the MarketScan Databases have grown into one of the largest collections of de-identified patient-level data in the United States. These databases reflect real-world treatment patterns and costs by tracking millions of patients as they travel through the healthcare system, offering detailed information about all aspects of care. Data about individual patients are integrated from all providers of care, maintaining healthcare utilization and cost record connections at the patient level. Used primarily for research, these databases are fully compliant with U.S. privacy laws and regulations (i.e., HIPAA). Research using MarketScan data has been widely published in peer-reviewed medical and health services journals.

The MarketScan Commercial Databases include health insurance claims across the continuum of care (e.g. inpatient, outpatient, outpatient pharmacy, carve-out behavioral healthcare) as well as enrollment data from large employers and health plans across the United States who provide private healthcare coverage for millions of employees, their spouses, and dependents. This administrative claims database includes a variety of fee-for-service, preferred provider organizations, and capitated health plans. The IBM MarketScan Commercial Claims and Encounters (CCAE) Database contains data from active employees, early retirees, COBRA continuees, and dependents insured by employer-sponsored plans (i.e., individuals not eligible for Medicare).

The MarketScan Multi-State Medicaid Database reflects the healthcare service use of individuals covered by Medicaid programs in numerous geographically dispersed states. The database contains the pooled healthcare experience of Medicaid enrollees, covered under fee-for-service and managed care plans. It includes records of inpatient services, inpatient admissions, outpatient services, and prescription drug claims, as well as information on long-term care. Data on eligibility and service and provider type are also included. In addition to standard demographic variables such as age and gender, the database includes variables of particular value to researchers investigating Medicaid populations, such as federal aid category (income based, disability, Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) and race.


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